7 MLOps breakout sessions I’m looking forward to at Re:Invent 2021

Sessions about MLOps best practices.

Implementing MLOps practices with Amazon SageMaker (AIM320)

MLOps at Amazon: How to productionize ML workloads at scale (AMZ302)

AI/ML for sustainability innovation: Insight at the edge (AIM207)

Sessions about model deployment optimization.

Automatically scale Amazon SageMaker endpoints for inference (AIM328)

Achieve high performance and cost-effective model deployment (AIM408)

Accelerate innovation with AWS ML infrastructure services (CMP314)

Easily deploy models for the best performance & cost using Amazon SageMaker (AIM417)



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Rustem Feyzkhanov

Rustem Feyzkhanov

I'm a senior machine learning engineer at Instrumental, where I work on analytical models for the manufacturing industry, and AWS Machine Learning Hero.